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The Private Jet Chelsea Clinton Took a Hop on in South Carolina

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Make/Model: Bombardier Challenger 600 (CL-600-2B16)

Aircraft Type: L2J



Seven possible planes via Five possible businesses:

Wells Fargo

SPX  /  SPX2


Bank of Utah  /  Bank of Utah2

Wilmington Trust


No Bombardier Challenger 600 (CL600/CL605) departed from or arrived at Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GSO), Pitt-Greenville Airport (PGV) or Asheville Regional Airport between the dates of 9-27-2016 and 0-29-2016.  This means that no flight plan was filed.  There are seven Bombardier Challenger 600-2B16s that have N-numbers ending in a K, V, Y or W.  The above possibilities are the only matches between the last letter in the N number and the liveries.  The Challenger 600 that Chelsea Clinton flew on from Greensville, NC to Asheville, NC to the “Clean Energy Round-Table” event was owned by one of five possible companies: Wilmington Trust, Bank of Utah, Wells Fargo, SPX, or DVCO.


Flight plans need to be filed if you are flying under instrument flight rules (IFR).  No pilot flies this far without IFR in a Challenger 600.  Visual flight rules (VFR) would be extremely dangerous in a plane this large and fast.  It is illegal to ascend beyond clouds under VFR.  The pilot would have been flying at extremely low altitudes for 158 miles at minimum.  No one would fly VFR in a learjet that size below the ceiling of clouds for 158 miles.    Challenger 600s aren’t a hell of a lot smaller than a 737.  If the engines on a 737 were mounted where they are on a CL600, 737s would look far smaller than they appear in current form.  These are not extremely small, personal jets.  These are business jets with loads of room for VIPs, beautiful tables, seating, etc.

The information above yields some interesting questions to be answered.  Why on Earth would this pilot not file an IFR flight plan for a 158 mile hop in a large business jet that is capable of Mach .75?   Flying VFR at the permitted altitudes would be extremely dangerous, negligent and irresponsible in this model.  Did the pilot avoid filing a flight plan, because the Clinton’s are afraid someone will find that the business jet is owned by one of three banks or one of two companies that do not publish or advertise anything about themselves?  FAA registration numbers and flight plans are public information.

The only pragmatic explanation is secrecy.  Due to not filing a flight plan, there is no record of the flight taking place.   Why would a bank or mysterious company be flying Chelsea Clinton to a Green Energy Round Table full of lobbyists?  Apparently it Hillary Clinton does not want to be seen with bankers during the campaign cycle.  Rather, she has sent her daughter to stay out of public eyes.

The thought that Chelsea Clinton could have come across one of these flights by chance is outlandish.