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The Clinton Campaign can’t get Their Story Straight on Hillary’s Illness and Collapsing Episode

Hillary Clinton attended the 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero on 9/11/2016.  She reportedly felt ill and left very early, only staying for roughly an hour and a half.  A bystander filmed Clinton collapsing as she waited to board a van.   CNN was caught editing the footage per usual.  The video they aired was cut as she stepped off of the curb, making the instance appear as a stumble.

Ever since Hillary Clinton collapsed and had to be dragged to the van, her campaign has not been able to produce a logical excuse or convincing and existing diagnosis.  The initial damage control claim was that she “overheated”.  It was then pointed out by many journalists that the temperature was a cool 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  Then, the Clinton Campaign claimed it was due to dehydration.  After that, the campaign stated Hillary Clinton has pneumonia.  90 beyond her collapse,  Hillary left an address registered to her daughter, which happens to be a clinic that she bought several blocks away from her condo.  This certainly raises some eyebrows.

The Clinton Campaign made sure to release a statement to the press, which included the claim that several members of her staff had contracted pneumonia as well.

As Hillary Clinton emerged from Chelsea’s clinic, an unknown child mysteriously ran up to her for a hug.  If Hillary Clinton legitimately has pneumonia, she put the child at risk for contracting it.  The pneumonia sham was yet another falsity pointed out by journalists.  The Clinton Campaign then changed their story for the fourth time.  The new and most recent claim is that Hillary Clinton has ” Non-Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia”, which does not exist.  Many doctors have begun calling Clinton out for this statement.  Ask as many medical doctors as you wish and sift through every medical text book and publication on the planet Earth – none contain this mythical “Non-Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia”.  The condition simply does not exist.

Yet again, Hillary Clinton has been caught doing what she has done best her whole life – lie.

Why did Hillary Clinton Ax Her Rallies?

Several interesting changes have been made to Hillary Clinton’s attire and stage recently that suggests her health is declining faster than it appears at first glance.  These changes yield many questions.  Why did Clinton stop wearing high heels at the end of July?  Why did her campaign remove the carpet from her stage?  Why did her speeches become noticeably shorter?  Why did her handler disappear when he was pointed out to the media?  Why wouldn’t her campaign just use the explanation that he is a Secret Service agent, unless there is something to hide?  Why did her leaning stool disappear when it was pointed out to the media and get replaced by a folding picnic chair?  It’s just a stool, but the campaign removed it promptly, just like they did her handler.  And lastly, why did she stop holding rallies suddenly within such a short period of time following the above adjustments to her stage act?  Is it due to her health, her inability to attract enough supporters to hold a full rally without busing interns in as placeholders or both?

Rather than spending time campaigning recently, Hillary Clinton has been too busy hanging out with celebrities.  Maybe it is due to the fact that she has trouble raising support and favor by her lonesome at this point.  She held a fundraiser with Cher in Provincetown, Mass., spent time at Justin Timberlake’s house and was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show.  Yet, Clinton claims she won’t go to the Louisiana floods for the time being, because she doesn’t want to get in the way of authorities.  Hillary Clinton not wanting to get in the way of authorities – that’s a first.  Her campaign sticks to this excuse, but the Louisiana governor praised Trump for his help and donations.  Hillary Clinton makes a good point, however – she would indeed get in the way.  She’d fall or she’d faint.  Maybe she would overheat inside of her $10,000 smocks that looks like thin, boring duvets one would expect to find at a cheap hotel.  Clinton doesn’t want to been seen carted around in a wheelchair after walking a few blocks down the street.  We know she has trouble climbing stairs, so it is no surprise that she wouldn’t be able to clear puddles, mud and destroyed terrain.

Clinton’s speeches became shorter and her crowds got smaller.  The same woman that the media claims is winning polls was struggling to pack full houses at high school gymnasiums.  Before her hiatus from holding rallies began, there were several changes to her stage that became apparent during the end of July 2016 as mentioned above.  In addition, the consistent placement of her podium, the wooden stools and Hillary’s leaning stool has been quite obvious.

This is a photo of her on July 23rd, 2016.  She is wearing high heels and the stage is carpeted.  The leaning stool is to the right of the podium (when facing the crowd) per usual.  What sort of stool can someone lean back on at that angle whilst bearing her amount of weight without putting unequal pressure on the base?  How are the legs and their crossmembers completely level to the carpet surface?  Given that the stool is on a carpet and all of Hillary Clinton’s weight is on the front edge of the seat – how are the rear posts of the chair not decompressing off of the carpet slightly?  When someone sits in a chair that is placed on a carpet, the carpet is going to compress slightly under weight.  But, the stool shows no signs of imbalance with more weight on the front pegs than the rear ones.  Hillary’s leaning stool was always in the same exact place on her stage and it was bolted to the floor.  There is no other physical explanation for the crossmembers being at the same height from front to back, running congruent and parallel to the carpet level.

On July 29th and possibly within a few rallies previous to this date, Hillary Clinton began to stop wearing high heels and the carpet was removed.  This is very common among elderly women when their health is not reasonable enough to walk like they were able to in the past.  Be it balance, poor agility, a brain injury that causes both and so on.  The podium and chair remained in the same positions as they were previously.

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Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton consistently use a speaker monitor? It is not present at every rally.  White noise?


Hillary Clinton has always worn high heels on stage throughout her entire career.  There do not seem to be any pictures of her wearing high heels beyond July 29th, 2016.  It seems quite apparent that the Clinton Campaign is very worried by the idea of Hillary falling or tripping when she is not behind closed doors.  She has become so fond of the ground with her dwindling health that her campaign had to compensate the stage for her.

Hillary Clinton does not have any future rallies scheduled at the moment according to her campaign site and  The only events on her schedules are fundraisers, special events hosted by the demographics that she panders to and the presidential debates.  Clinton has said in the past that she’s become very tired during the back stretch of this campaign.  She is tired, her handler got taken away, her leaning stool got taken away and suddenly as of last week, the rallies are over.  This does not appear to be a coincidence.







The Owner of Impact Research, Susan Berman, Has been Caught Committing the Act of Voter Fraud



Susan Berman has been caught committing the act of Voter Fraud on Friday, August 20th, 2016.  Raw footage uploaded to youtube shows her possibly enrolling a man to vote.  The man filming her makes sure to show that her clipboard bares a photo of Donald Trump with a circle and cross printed over his face.  This picture is on the backside of the clipboard, which faces the people Berman talks to, approaches and enrolls as she records information.  The video also indicates that Susan Berman not only had enrollment slips on her clipboard, but Hillary Clinton Campaign information packets as well.


Activists such as Susan Berman are A) barred from soliciting for or against a particular candidate or question, B) they cannot speak to a voter on the subject of marking his or her ballot for or against a particular question or candidate (C) nor are they permitted to distribute any petition or other material concerning a candidate or question which will be on the ballot for the ensuing election  in the state of Nevada when registering citizens to vote (Right Click, Open Image in New Tab to see larger version of embedded picture):


Susan Berman has shown that she violated subsection (A) of Section 10 of of NRS: Chapter 293.505.  One cannot solicit via any method, including signs.  Although she was not caught violating section (C) on video, it is quite clear that Berman would not have several Hillary Clinton Campaign info packets on her clipboard to distribute to herself.


If you would like to report Susan Berman to authorities, please submit this document to 101 N. Carson St. Carson City, NV 89701 (Nevada Secretary of State) and the three Nevada Attorney General offices listed here:

Michael Synan of Fox 35 Orlando has Proven Himself a Fraud

Mike Synan from Fox 35 is a Fraud

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On Friday night (August 12, 2016), Michael Synan posted a picture to Facebook from Donald Trump’s rally in Kissimmee, Florida.  Synan captioned the photo with the words “Enthusiastic crowd, but by far the smallest rally for him I’ve seen yet.  Not even 1/2 full Kissimmee’s Silver Spurs Arena.”.   His picture shows two empty sections of seating.  In addition, he makes sure to avoid including the floor seating as best he could with the top of a few heads in the crowd visible.

Synan was confronted on Facebook by skeptical viewers.  Many commented with pictures from the same event showing more people in attendance than that which Synan’s photo indicated.  In response, he made his standpoint clear that he would not recant his claim.  The banter on Twitter quickly spilled out onto other social media platforms this morning.

As I sifted through attendees pictures, I began finding some very obvious flaws in Michael Synan’s claim that this was “the smallest rally for him [Donald Trump] I’ve seen yet.”.