Three Documents Show that Hillary Clinton Blocked Libya from Becoming a Democracy

Three Documents Show that Gadafi was Ready to Strike a Deal with US and Hold Elections – Shows Hillary Clinton Railroaded It.


Can anyone possibly imagine living in a third world country?  Suddenly, your country has the possibility of becoming a democracy.  You see the light.  But, there is a problem.  An official from the United States has personal business interests in your third world country.  She is the head of the State Department.  Gadafi agreed on a cease-fire and a democratic election process.  Two things that the United States were attempting to force him to do.  Upon agreeing, Hillary Clinton decided that she was no longer finished exploiting Libya, a third world country, because there was more money to be made via the Clinton Foundation and Sidney Blumenthal.  She railroaded any sort of possible deal.  This action perpetuated the unrest in Libya, partially leading to the creation of ISIS.


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